Do the Right Thing award winners at the April 22, 2015 ceremony.
Robin Smith, News-4 Anchor, joined by area police command personnel and eleven of the twelve Do The Right Thing award winners at the May 13th ceremony held in the chambers of the St. Louis County Council in Clayton.

About Us
Program Overview

The Do The Right Thing initiative was started in the St. Louis area in 1994. Since then, over a thousand children have been recognized each year. Nominating a child is as easy as going to the nomination form. The form takes only minutes to complete and submit, but will have a long-lasting effect on the child.

All children nominated receive recognition for their good deeds. They are recognized in one of two ways:

  • Four judges read each nomination and select the top ten to twelve for an invitation to a monthly formal ceremony. These "winners" receive a packet containing a Certificate, T-shirt, calculator, McDonalds food coupons, various KMOV accessories, and a special gift.

  • Those not selected to attend the formal ceremony receive recognition in the form of a Certificate, a T-shirt, and McDonalds food coupons, sent to the nominating school. The manner in which the awards are presented can be as creative as you and your child's school desire. Representatives of Do the Right Thing will be happy to coordinate a presentation at your school.

We encourage you to NOMINATE, NOMINATE, NOMINATE. It will be remembered.

Our Vision

A world-wide community that values children and works in partnership, utilizing all available resources, to nurture children so that they are able to reach their full potential as adults.

Our Mission

To work in partnership, on behalf of the Bi-State region, with area law enforcement agencies, schools, businesses, and the media to develop and promote positive social behavior in the youth of our community.

Program Goals
  • To reinforce and increase good behavior in school-age children in the Bi-State region.

  • To increase positive media coverage of the good things school-age children do.

  • To continue to increase the ways in which children are recognized for the good things they do.

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